Monday, January 24, 2011

Busy Boys

I knew that I was in trouble when Dustin decided to go to sleep before 7 pm...I heard from him again right around 1 and then Kaden shortly after...they went back to sleep off and on...Me however...maybe tonight?  We have already had our quiet time, and I was surprised neither one of them actually took a nap...I am just happy that they are pleasantly playing with Legos (together)...You wouldn't have known that it was such a sleepless night around here...I am just hoping that the reality of sleepless children doesn't creep up around 7...when Ryan comes home...I am really aiming for an 8pm bedtime tonight!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happy 7th Birthday Bekkah

Here's the boys waiting to share Bekkah's Cupcakes with her class...pretty bored for about 3 minutes...
 Bekkah decided she wanted a Candy Land Cake this year...they all Loved it...(It almost hurts my teeth just thinking about all the possible cavities that could come from this cake)

 On Friday night, Bekkah got some surpise visitors!  She was so excited!  They stayed at a hotel and we went swimming.  They then spent the morning and afternoon with us to celebrate Bekkah's Birthday.  It was very sweet! 
Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!!! Bekkah also received many cards, money and birthday gifts.  Thanks so much for remembering our baby doll!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Bekkah's Birthday Cupcakes

Tomorrow is Bekkah's brithday so this morning, we woke up early to decorate some cupcakes for her class.  I was a little concerned when Bekkah wanted Brown Frosting for the girls and Yellow Frosting for the boys.  It was not what I had thought would be fun for Bekkah's Girl Birthday cupcakes for her class...Bekkah has always had her own ideas on how to do things...I went with it since it will be her birthday, not sure what the outcome would be, but with a few treats and lots of sprinkles, they turned out pretty cute...and the girls will get Bekkah's favorite CHOCOLATE FROSTING.  Inside, we also added a little surprise, I think they are called Squinkies?  teenie little squishy toys in a ball.  Anyways, we shall have fun today going to lunch with Bekkah and delivering her choice of cute cupcakes the last part of school...

 the Yellow Boy cupcakes...
 the Brown Girl Cupcakes...(don't ya love all the fun little designs in the frosting...yet again...her idea)  We love this little girl!
Needless to say, Bekkah was VERY happy going to school this morning..

Monday, January 17, 2011


I have been organizing all my pictures recently and was remembering some of the silly things they use to do...they grow up too fast!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

It was our Week for Preschool

We have such a fun group of kids this year!  
I am so thankful for good friends and cute kids! 
 They make my day!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Another Beautiful Winter Sunrise

Colorful Stepping Stones

I saw this cute idea on The Crafty Crow and decided we could do it...The kids have loved it...It has taken us a few days...
We now have our fun path
I do have to explain this first picture though...
#1 - Notice the Shoeless, Coatless, Gloveless children on the doorstep in freezing (single digits) cold temperatures...They were just checking the ice and were excited to see them setting up so quick...they had opened the door excitedly so I grabbed the camera instead of the normal Coats, hat, gloves shoes routine:) 
and #2 - It was Bekkah's Mismatch day...hence the colorful sleeves with a puple top and different socks...haha...she had to wear them ALL day

I love the little bits of color in the white snow...It makes the bitter cold days and nights a little less bitter...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

We put the tree away...

 As sad as it was to put the tree was time...It starts to take over our home...decorations scattered throughout the home, crafty items that really should be thrown away, leftover boxes from fabulous gifts, half eaten candy canes, little green stems from the tree, overlooked toys under the tree that really should be put away etc....I think all of us were more reluctant in taking down our scripture stars(scriptures we have been reading over the holidays)

I guess we will have to replace it with another 40 day countdown to when Grandma and Grandpa Snow come home...

...The Countdown is on...

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy 70th Birthday Dad!!!

We planned a fun "Surprise" Birthday Party for my Dad on January 1.  We planned to be there New Years Eve...That night, we stayed up way too late to decorate and put things together...I was in charge of the cake.  It was so fun!  I love fondant!  it's like's just edible...I was going to line the extra top and green grass with chocolate covered raisins (one of his favorites) but since we left a day early... I ran out of time and the hill top just had to go rockless...He Loved it regardless...My Dad has been walking up his hill ever since I could remember...I think he walks about 4 miles a day.  He always takes his walking stick, He my Mom and his two walking buddies, Curly and Ginger (they are not his dogs but they are faithfull walkers)  The kids and I found some dogs and added a little paint to make them look like them.  I also changed an army guy to look like my dad (I added a walking stick, tan cap, dark jacket, blue jeans and white shoes)

 It was a good cake...2 full size chocolate cakes, atleast 2 pounds of powder sugar, 2 pounds marshmallows, and 3 cups of chocolate frosting...MMMmmm
 I also put together 70 "Riesens" what we love about Dad.  It was good to call all my 6 siblings to get some good stuff...

 It was a fun Party!
 We enjoyed their hills...
 And we loved my Dad's new shed

Bekkah and Madi totally Biffed it...

 She was done after that...
 And the boys can never get enough of Curly and Ginger...

 After sledding, I pulled out the leftover Fondant and let the kids play...It was fun to see what they could come up with...

 And Ryan had fun with all the boys...

 My Dad loved the 70 "Riesens" that we love him.  I had the privelege of calling my 6 siblings to get atleast 10....It was touching to see my Dad tearfully bear his testimony and his love for each of us.  Love you Dad!

 (last minute...Bekkah had to add her own creations to the cake...It was delish)

Happy 70th Birthday DAD!  Love you so much!