Friday, September 28, 2012

Life Lessons

We had one very sad little girl this morning...Hopefully she has learned her lesson. Bekkah forgot to put her bike away and Daddy backed over it(he felt bad too)... My first impulse is to want to go out and get her a new bike but obviously that's not the solution...  She has been riding her bike every day since her new friend moved in across the street...I have Loved watching her increase her speed and comfort...It will be hard to be without a bike for a while...She's working on a solution...The main concern she had this morning was "I am afraid to tell Katy that I don't have a bike anymore"...They had lots of bike riding plans...Birthday and Christmas cannot come soon enough and there are not nearly enough chores...One of those Life Lessons...Better learned now than later

Monday, September 24, 2012

Tongue Tied No Longer

We had debated about getting it clipped for a while.  We could have / should have done it when he was born but it was just one more thing to add to the list...When the Dr. said we should probably get it done at his 4 year old check up, we went ahead and scheduled it. I didn't want to have to deal with a speech delay (although he's on track as far as we know) We have always known this but Dustin is such a great kid!  Not one tear...He got a little leary when the nurse came in and told him that he would bleed a little and it would be a little sore...He just said"I will not bleed.  I do not want to bleed"  We all said "OK"  He was fine with it.  When he woke up, they told us he was crossing his legs and wanting a popsicle.  Not the least bit worried...

He keeps telling people "I not tongue any more"  He can twist his tongue, stick it out and lick his lips...He so dang cute!!!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lots and Lots of Yummy Raspberries

We Love Raspberries!!!  One of the many great things we are enjoying with our new home:) 
Thank you Brother Sullivan!!!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Elizabeth Turns 1!!!

Our adorable little Busy Body Turned 1!!! We cannot believe it!  She's always on the move!  She loves to explore anything and everything...She's still working on the walking but we know it wont be long...I say take your sweet little time baby...
Don't know what's up with that tongue but during the last week or so, she has loved sticking it cute!

I really thought that I had more pictures of her with her bear but this is as good as it gets...I forgot...
I cannot believe how much they change in a year!


She still loves her soft baby bear Rose...Rose doesn't seem as big as she did the day Lizzy was born...

Thursday, September 20, 2012

USU Preschool

 Dustin Loves Loves Loves his Preschool Class this year...He's in with a great Bunch of Kids and He Loves his Teachers..He has So much Fun and he's always so Eager to tell me all about his day...He knows his Alphabet and all the sounds. Hes starting to be able to read Kadens Kindergarten Readers. He can write his name(with a little help on the S) ...Such a Smart Kid!

Grandma Kecks 90th and other stuff

Grandma Kecks 90th Birthday Celebration
 ...We pretty much slept like this...But we had Lots of Fun

 We sure do Love Grandma Keck...She's Amazing...

 Another good of many...
 The kids really wanted to do one more lemonade stand before we moved so the day before, I kept loading the van and the kids kept selling (or should I say drinking) the lemonade...

 We love our new home!  and I hope to not have to move again for a long time...As much as I loved decluttering and throwing away a ton of unnecessary stuff...I am so happy to be done...
 and we Love our Big Backyard...and all the fun neighborhood kids who love to come play with our kids...
 First Day of School 2012
Rebekkah is in 3rd Grade and gets to Ride the Bus to School
Kaden is in 1st Grade and I Love that I get to see them both walk...The Whole Way...Gives me Peace of Mind:)

They are both Loving School this year...Prayers were answered