Friday, February 25, 2011

February Going Ons...

Ryan's parents have returned from serving their mission in Santa Rosa California.  It was very exciting for them to come home and it feels good to have them so close again. 

On President's Day, we did our annual Tubing Trip at Soldier Hollow.  Kyle and Minday always do such a great job planning it. Thank you! So Fun!  We loved it! This year was especially nice because Bekkah, Kaden and Dustin were actually old enough to ride and enjoy! As we were driving home, I could smell Dustin so I asked Ryan to pull off as soon as it was convenient (this was through Strawberry). We found a spot with lots of cars, little ones but mostly big trucks...little did we know that we would get high centered...What?!  My van is gutless!  Yep, we got stuck.  So we stopped trying, I got out and changed a stinky.  We then managed to get out as far as the entrance...Luckily 3 or 4 vehicles were needing to get in so these guys came (including Uncle Kyle) and helped us get was me driving, and a number of guys pushing...I am so grateful that it wasn't during the night...we would have been stuck there all winter:)Wish we had pictures...oh well...

I have not used my camera much lately...just have not been in the mood...February has been a good month and I cannot believe that it is almost over...Today it is still snowing...This has been a very long winter it seems...and I have very little motivation to get out in it lately...I am ready for spring...or atleast ready for the next few weeks of winter to pass...

Poetry Out Loud

I was able to convince Bekkah to participate in the Poetry Out Loud Competition at school this year.  Bekkah was excited until she learned that she would be doing it in front of other kids...made her a little nervous.  But she found the perfect poem (short and sweet) and she had lots of fun sharing it with her class. She was even more excited to get 1st place in her class.  She came home with a ribbon and a certificate... She did a GREAT job!!! (I love this picture...she was so cute!)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines 2011

Kaden had the joy of 2 Preschools worth of Valentines this year...he loved it!
 The kids wanted to decorate some cakes...
 Ryan surprised me with 1 rose for each year we have been married (coming on 12) and 1 for Bekkah...she was delighted!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Stacy...just in case you were wondering...

They were so cute together...they get along great!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Just a few random shots

do your kids ever love to dump out the nice organized buckets, fill them with other nicely organized dumped out buckets, and just mix up all the toys? (drives me nuts!)  Good thing they know where they all go because I don't put up with such nonsense for too long...(notice Dustin sitting in a chair, inside a basket, strapped down with a nice little scarf...he actually quite enjoyed being pampered by his motherly big sister) crazy kids!

 I am finally going to get a haircut today...all the sudden it's too long...I didn't have quite enough hair to donate but it's time to move on...I am thinking I am going to have her take off about 8 inches...Ahhh!

and I actually got my hair cut...Yeah Me! It feels good! 
(I do not enjoy taking pictures of myself but if I am the only one who will do it...that's just how it goes...I do want to leave a little evidence that I was actually here)
We noticed this morning, that Bekkah's friend and cousin Mallory also lost her two front teeth...We had to take a Picture this morning before they both grew in...
 Cute Girls!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Do you Like Green Eggs and Ham?

After Much discussion, we decided it would be a good idea to enroll Kaden in another Preschool.  So Tuesday and Thursday, it's our Coop.  We Love it!   On Wednesday and Thursday, he goes to Jerry Young, a wonderful Preschool Teacher here in the Basin.  Kaden Loves it!  Kaden is so much happier!  He is the type of kid that needs to get out of the house every day...Now instead of dragging his feet to go out the door, he jumps up and says, "Where do I get to go today?"  Mission Accomplished...
Today, it was Kaden's turn to take the snack.  It was the Letter Gg.  His teacher requested he bring 18 eggs and ham to go with the book, Green Eggs and Ham....So yesterday, we got to decorate eggs...So Fun! Especially since Kadens Favorite Color is Green!  We hope they like it! 
Unfortunately, since there has been such a drastic change in weather (-15 this morning), Kaden has taken to coughing and late in the night, we were doing breathing treatments...We are so sad...but when Kaden says, he does not feel well...he really does not feel well....We delivered the snacks to his preschool   this morning and we will have to do our own little Green Eggs and Ham party today...

Happy Birthday Glenn!

Happy Birthday Big Brother!  HOpe that you have a wonderful Day!  Thanks for being such a great Bro! Miss you Lots!!!