Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Our Sweet Little Elizabeth

Sorry for the delay in pictures...I am just enjoying this sweet little angel so much!!!  She's perfect!

So Happy to be Home!

I am so happy to be home...As much as I appreciate all the nursing staff and Doctors, the nice warm chicken and beef broth that they call dinner, and the lovely checkups all through the night.... I was relieved when they told me I could go home...at the earliest time possible..I got up and moving ASAP!!!

 (I love the look on her face here...to me it says..."please, please, PLEASE take me home...I really gotta get out of this place"  It'sEXACTLY how I felt)
 On our way home FINALLY!!!  She's been happy and content ever since...
 We know that we are loved.  Everyone has been so thoughtful.  We appreciate all the love and support we have received. The fabulous Meals...the short sweet Phone Calls...Sweet Text Messages...Numerous Prayers...the Lovely Flowers...The Adorable Clothes...The essential Diapers...Pretty Hair Bows...Cute little Hats...etc....Thank you So Much!!!

 And We Love our Adorable little Elizabeth!  She is a Pure Delight!!!
And I love this man!!! He has been so WONDERFUL through all of this...  What would we ever do without him?!!!
We have been so abundantly Blessed! My heart is full...so very full!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Elizabeth Sarah Snow was Born

Ok so Debra is in the Hospital and I know she would want to Blog about today. When she gets back I'm sure she will have a lot more to say. Our wonderful little one was born September 21st at 10:09am, weighing 6 lb. 15 oz. she is our shortest at 18in tall. This is the smallest (when they were born) of our children.

So this is our third child by C-section. I did not stand up on the other two, but when the doctor asked this time I thought I would brave it and look. It was not as bad as I had expected.

Anyway, Elizabeth is doing well. All the vitals were good and in fact baby and I were out of the nursery before Debra was out of the operating room.

Friday, September 16, 2011

We got ourselves an Epi Pen

My little Kaden has had a couple of reactions to Peanuts in his 5 years of life...enough to know that we are to avoid Peanuts.  Kaden is very aware and he knows that he shouldn't have it...He Hates the smell...Whenever someone gives him food, he is always asking if it has peanuts...When School started, we informed them that he is allergic to peanuts. I hadn't been too worried because he has always been close to me and I could let people know that he was allergic...The school sent home a medical form stating they needed it in writing from a Dr.  I had talked to his Pediatritian about it a while back and he said that they did testing in Salt Lake...I never did because I thought...why would I want to get him tested for something I know he has had reactions to? and...it's such a pain to go to the city for a 20 minute appointment and besides that, they usually require a consultation first which would mean 2 separate appointments...excuses. excuses... So today I finally took Kaden in to an Allergy specialist here in town...I was hoping to get him checked to see if he was in fact allergic...  The Dr. said that he didn't even recommend testing for a peanut allergy...too risky!  He just signed my paperwork telling them he had an Anaphalactic Peanut Allergy (based on the reactions he has had that I informed him about) and then he prescibed me a couple of Epi Pens just in case...This was what I was hoping for...
..It really is quite scary so I am letting you know...if you are with my Kaden...
I got a backup plan just in case...BUT...I hope to NEVER have to use these suckers...

Thankful for Good Health

With just 5 short days left until our little one comes, Today

...I am so Thankful for Good Health...

Although we Love School, it seems like it always brings with it certain bugs that we usually try to avoid...Over the past month, it felt like we have been through it all...goopy eyes, colds, the throw ups etc...

 On this particular morning, I knew Dustin's eyes would probably be sealed shut...After a rough night, he dragged himself up the stairs and said in THE Sweetest little voice, "Im okay mom. it's okay, I not sick"  With a quick trip to the Dr. we had this issue resolved within a couple of days...poor little guy!


Okay...so I am not a HUGE fan of guns...but...Boys will be Boys...
The Saturday after Ryan's Birthday, Ryan took the boys shooting with his new AirSoft Guns, in our backyard of course...It was so fun! ...just ask the boys and even Bekkah...

Ryan had them each lay down on the ground (very good idea honey)...They were shooting at real targets on our shed...The boys have been begging...midway through, Bekkah decided she would really like to try...It didn't take long to go through their bullet rations...I stayed on the sidelines, filling up the guns...

Attention ALL Gordon Snow cousins...We are ready for the next Battle!!!
I am sure there will be lots more of this...I just hope that nobody shoots their eye out...

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dustin Started Preschool

We decided to do Preschool again this year. I really should say it's more of a joy school / Co-op...but Dustin and I call it preschool...With Bekkah and Kaden being in school all day, Dustin really needed something else... We have 5 of us Moms and 5 cute 3 year olds.

I took the first week since I will be out of commission for a little while...in just 13 short days...but who's counting?

The first day is always a little crazy just getting use to each other, learning the rules and routine etc....  The kids are so use to coming to my house and heading straight for our playroom.  They kept trying to escape downstairs on the first day...It made me laugh...and I am delighted that kids love playing at our home...The playrooms a great place but i decided it would be best if I kept them out of the playroom from the beginning...just until they learn to sit on their squares during circle time...  The second day went so well.  They knew to stay upstairs and seemed to be pretty happy participating in the activities we had prepared (I say we because Dustin is a very active participant in Preschool...I love it!).  We had a lot of fun.  We read books, played and talked about Animals, played some fun "large parachute" games outside that I got from the library, made some alligators, ate apples and alphabet crackers...An hour and 15 minutes seems to be just the right amount of time for these young little kids...in time we may increase it but for now, it seems to work very well...I am so excited to see how things progress!  Dustin LOVES having all of "his friends" come to our home.  I really do Love doing preschool!