Thursday, June 30, 2011

Roosevelt Weather

The Lighting Flashed and the Thunder Roared all night last seemed to anyways...and thankfully the kids slept through it... 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dance / Art Workshop Week 2011

As soon as I learned that Ryan would be flying to Connecticut during the time I would be teaching Art at our annual Dance / Art Workshop, I decided that I should invite my sister Kara and her kids and my sister-in-law Valerie and her girls.  I was so excited to learn that they would all be coming!!!  There were 3 Adults and 9 Adorable Children Living in our home. 
It was such a wonderful week and it was so fun having their company!!!
I am so thankful for their help in watching my boys. 
These girls got to join in the Dance and Art Fun! 
It was one BUSY week!

We had one great week.  There was so much to do!  Our activities included Jumping, Swimming at the REC center in Vernal, late night movies, KongFu Panda 2 DriveIn, Midnight snacks, Legos, Pillow Fights, Playing school, playing dolls for hours, Lunch at the park, Cousin Camp Carnival Games, etc...  There was never a dull moment! 
I look forward to July when we can do the Art Workshop again...(too bad we won't enjoy the company of our cousins again in July)  We miss you!  Thanks for Coming!