Tuesday, November 30, 2010

She gave back!

Today we went to the Post Office. I took my own tape because I wasn't finished packaging. As I was finishing up, Kaden said "Mom, she's using your tape". Dustin got a little upset too..."she got your tape mom" in his low voice, furrowed eyebrows and cutest sour face...It was true, another customer was using my tape. I told Dustin it would be okay and that I guess I get to share today. Dustin wasn't buying it, he walked over to the other customer with furrowed eyebrows and said "that's my moms tape" in his deep cute voice, furrowed eyebrows and sour face, and the customer using the tape finally noticed Dustin...She said "oh, is he sad?" so I said, "He's a little concerned about you using our tape but that's okay. I set it on the table. No worries. Do you need any more?" She apologized and gave the tape right back. Dustin smiled big, laughed and jumped for joy again and again. Dustin shouted "thank you! She gave back! She gave back!" We all had a good laugh...

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving and Holiday Kickoff

Before the Holiday's started, we had to get a little crafty...we saw these at the Duchesne County Rookies Ready to Read...they were so  messy  fun!  We colored with colorful Corn Syrup

On Thanksgiving Day, part of my family came out to Roosevelt.  My Mom and Dad, my Sister Kara and her family, my brother Kenny and My little sister Amber all traveled for hours to come...  We also joined Ryan's brothers and their families...We had a great time!
I forgot to take many pictures during dinner...so if anyone would like to share, please send them my way:)
The boys and Madison enjoyed some fun football

 Ryan, Kaden and Dustin thoroughly enjoyed playing games with Kara's boys ! 

 And the girls had fun catching up...Kara and I went shopping the day after Thanksgiving and surprisingly it wasn't that busy and we got some great deals!  Kara was searching for a denim skirt and we didn't see one...so we decided to make some skirts for the girls out of Bekkah's old jeans....It was their idea to add the red and white hearts and They Loved them!   
 We also made our traditional Gingerbread House...It was messy but it turned out so cute!

 Didn't they do a great Job?!

 We pulled out the traditional Merry Go Round...I think they spent the remaineder of the day playing with this...They were laughing hysterically and I had to see what was going on...

 It's so much fun when Batman's can get a ride on the carousel...thanks Grandma and Papa for giving us this great yard sale treat a few years ago...It's tradition now!
Friday Night we also went to 2 great movies....The older boys went to Harry Potter while The girls and younger boys went to see Tangled...We Loved it!  It was so cute!

 ...and now look at the gingerbread house...they don't last long around here:)  I guess you might as well enjoy them while the candy is still good and not stale...
 Saturday we finished decorating the tree...I love our Christmas tree:) 
 It's very kid friendly...and edible:)
 and the kids did a great job decorating!
We Love the Holidays!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Attitude of Gratitude

Since it is Thanksgiving and I cannot sleep! I guess the best thing to do at 4 am is make a list of some of the things I am grateful for (in no particular order because it is rediculously early to be awake and doing this)

  1. My Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Gift of the Holy Ghost
  2. Ryan...he's the best husband!
  3. My little growing Family
  4. Good Health
  5. A home to live in
  6. Wonderful Parents
  7. Good Supportive Famlies
  8. the temple
  9. good teachers
  10. friends
  11. Ryan's Job
  12. Countless opportunities to improve
  13. Roosevelt...it really is a great place to live
  14. Reliable vehicles...for both of us
  15. The scriptures
  16. The Ensign
  17. Primary
  18. Knowledge
  19. Good Books to read
  20. Funny kids
  21. Freedom
  22. our computer
  23. the internet
  24. water and food
  25. Sunrises and sunsets
  26. color
  27. talents
  28. living so close to our church, school and store
  29. living in a safe neighborhood
  30. good movies
  31. the holidays
  32. I am thankful to be done Christmas shopping...now we get to enjoy
  33. my washer and dryer (what would I ever do without them?)
  34. a dishwasher
  35. entertainment
  36. vacations
  37. the change of seasons 
  38. heat...wow it got cold fast!
  39. I am thankful that some of My Family is coming to Roosevelt for Thanksgiving!
  40. snow...I love it!
  41. clean carpet
  42. a clean house
  43. a nice warm bed...I really should go back to bed
  44. I could go on and on
I have so much to be thankful for!