She Sits!!!

5 Months has already come and gone but for the past 2-3  weeks, Elizabeth has decided that she prefers sitting over laying on the floor..She does not enjoy her belly...I cannot believe in just 1 week she will be 6 Months! (She also has a tooth and is working on the 2nd..Gotta love teething)

My sweet neighbor crocheted these cute footies for her...she loves them! ( we had to paint her cute little toenails to go with fun)

Dustin, Kaden and Bekkah adore her and She LOVES LOVES LOVES all this attention...They are all growing up Way Too Fast!
On a side note...Sunday, a sister in my ward gave a wonderful talk...she inspired me to write more faithfully in my journal of the day to day exciting times of mothering these children...I plan to buy one this week and I hope to write something good in it every day (almost every day..I will be realistic)...I really need to take more time to reflect, laugh about, learn and enjoy this time in my life...It will be fun to share it with our children when they have children of their own some day...